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Your Holistic lifestyle.

Find Inspiration to embrace Sustainable Choices.

Wala Medicinal Gardens

At WALA, we work together on topics that help safeguard the future of our planet and its inhabitants. We are dedicated to healing, caring and helping to thrive; committed to truth, goodness and beauty; supported by an independent foundation and driven by the ideas of our rebellious founders. Head of the WALA medicinal herb garden, Bernhard Ehrmann, talks about the gardens today.

Bernhard Ehrmann, Wala Gardens, natural beauty, medicinal herb garden

anthroposophic medicine

From the point of view of anthroposophic medicine, a person moves between health and illness throughout his life. Both polarities belong together. An illness indicates an imbalance. And health is the state in which body, mind and soul are in an individual balance. Anthroposophic medicine is a holistic medicine that always has an eye on the body, soul and spirit. Through the comprehensive stimulation of the self-healing powers, the sick person is accompanied back to his personal healthy balance.

anthroposophic medicine, natural medicinal, healing power of nature

corporate ethos

For us, profit is merely a means to an end – not the end itself. That was also the mindset of Dr. Rudolf Hauschka back in 1935. Rudolf Hauschka, founder of WALA, considered himself a trustee and not the company owner. He didn’t even perceive himself as the owner of his ideas. 

WALA Gardens, corporate responsibility

what is beauty

“You’re beautiful when you have the courage to be yourself.” 

Peter Lindbergh’s photographs focus on charisma and individuality. Instead of propagating unattainable, flawless ideals of beauty, his portraits highlight the personality and expressiveness of each model. In September 2019, the star photographer passed away in Paris. 

At that time, in admiration for and appreciation of his work, Wala displayed some of their  favourite Lindbergh photographs. The works in Shadows on the Wall showcase Peter Lindbergh’s understanding of real beauty: simple and approachable, with pores, wrinkles, freckles and all.

Peter Lindbergh shadows photo study Uma Thurman

Dr Hauschka Skincare Essentials 


Morning and night - soothing and calming


Dr Hauschka

Founder of Wala in 1935, Dr. Rudolf Hauschka (1891 – 1969), developed a unique procedure of alcohol-free plant extraction, which is still the cornerstone of the WALA method to this day. He had  long considered the idea of adding a line of special cosmetics that would fit with his approach and which would complement the WALA Medicines range by providing skin care products with health-supporting benefits.

Dr Hauschka Founder of Dr Hauschka Natural skincare range

quality production

We take pride in sourcing our ingredients sustainably. Whether they're from our own biodynamic herb garden, our Demeter-certified farm in Germany or across the globe through fair-trade, value-generating partnerships, our mission is to source natural ingredients as local as possible and as global as necessary.

Meet some of the experts that contribute to the making of these beautiful skin care products today.

Herb garden WALA , Biodynamic garden, sustainable garden


The perfect packaging does not exist. That is something we know. But we can give great consideration to which tubes, bottles or jars we use. We question, inspect and weigh up the options. Only then do we make a decision. And this is the way it has always been. We know from experience that no material is hands-down better or worse than another.

Dr Hauschka, products/pakaging layed out

harvest by hand

Get some insight into the process of harvesting by hand. The time and the timing, the care and the effort.

Arnica in flower

Elisabeth Sigmund was a very unique woman. She was a globetrotter, theatre-maker, natural scientist and beautician. She had class but would also smoke cigarillos and rattle her motorbike through the Vienna Woods. Together with Rudolf Hauschka, she set to work in the laboratory developing innovative, effective natural cosmetics. She knew that, although beauty comes from within, we can also enjoy expressing that beauty on the outside. In 1962 Elisabeth Sigmund was added to the WALA development team. At the time, WALA solely produced their medicines, which since 1935 used water-extracted, rhythmitised medicinal plant extracts to activate the body’s self-healing abilities.  In 1967, her line of skin care products was launched under the brand name Dr. HAUSCHKA. 

Elisabeth Sigmund,  beautician, and co founder of Dr Hauschka natural skincare range sitting with tea cup on table

Dr Libby Weaver

the nutritional biochemist

Born in Tamworth, New South Wales, Libby's time is divided between New Zealand and Australia nowadays. She's a Nutritional biochemist with a PhD  and her mission is to "Educate and inspire, enhancing people's health and happiness, igniting a ripple effect that transforms the world.” 

Libby's 2014 TED TALK is a great intro to her work

Dr Libby Weaver sitting on concrete steps

browse books

Libby has written some GREAT BOOKS around lifestyle, emotion, stress, nutrition, and weight loss - not to mention the recipe books!  In ACCIDENTALLY OVERWEIGHT, Dr Libby explains the nine factors that can be interfering with the body getting the message that it needs to burn body fat. These include: stress hormones, sex hormones, thyroid function, insulin and gut bacteria. In "What am I Supposed to Eat" Libby cuts through the noise.

Libby Weaver, cover of What am I supposed to eat

read or listen

Dr Libby TALKS TO Hillary Barry on breakfast TV in New Zealand about nutritious food.

Linked below is an informative  Q&A written  about what Libby does 

image from calves down of person standing on scales shackled to a ball and chain


Courses and workshops to coach you through the essentials of women’s health. From what to eat and understanding the inner workings of your body, to ways to getting to the heart of your emotional landscape and what to do when you’re suffering with your health.

Visit her site (click below) for details and to see the recommendation video.
At present the courses are held in Australia and New Zealand.

Libby weaver promotion poster weekend nutrition workshops

Iris Apfel

the geriatric starlet

From an era way before any mention of carbon footprint the legendary decorating doyenne, textiles designer, and fashion luminary is an inspiration to us all.  Iris Apfel needs no introduction. In the video linked below Iris Talks about her Life, her Style and her own homes interior. Be inspired to re use, recycle and repair those amazing retro finds for your own interior or wardrobe.

Iris Apfel, geriatric starlet, 60s fashion icon in big round glasses

browse books

This self-dubbed geriatric starlet, whose irrepressible authenticity, wit, candor, and infectious energy have earned her nearly a million followers on social media, has created an entertaining, thought-provoking, visually arresting, and inspiring volume—her first book—that captures her unique joie de vivre. Iris Apfel: Accidental Icon, contains an eclectic mix of musings and 180 full-color and black-and-white photos and illustrations

Iris Apfel, accidental Icon book cover

life story

Before finding fame as the world’s oldest style icon, Apfel travelled the world with her husband Carl, buying textiles for their business Old World Weavers, which they ran together until they both retired in 1992. Her exquisite taste also saw her hired as an interior designer for arguably the most famous home in America – the White House – where she worked on redesigns for nine different presidents, from Harold Truman (1945-1953) to Bill Clinton (1993-2001).

Take a listen to this interview to find out more about this amazing woman's life.

Iris Apfel, Old world weavers interiors - room full of textiles and antiques, a table lamp gives a warm glow

on being yourself

Iris on Social media: 

"I think it's too damn nosy. I don't give a damn what you ate, and I don't care who you're sleeping with.

This video demonstrates the art of individuality as the years pass.

Iris Apfel iconic glasses monotone

Eileen Fisher

the clothing designer

Clothes are where we start. We believe they should be ethical, timeless, well-made, designed to work together, wear effortlessly and be part of a responsible life cycle. We challenge ourselves daily as we work to meet—and exceed—both our VISION2020 goals and the requirements for B Corp Certification.

Eileen Fisher sits sidways o n dining chair elbow on backrest knuckle under chin

2020 Interview

Tami Simon from Sounds True talks to Eileen Fisher in this exclusive interview Eileen tells her:
“I think the biggest thing we can do is reduce: Reduce consumption, reduce production” We’re managing, somehow, to struggle through. Right now, we’ve closed our stores, and we’ve furloughed a lot of our employees. We are paying healthcare because we think health is super important. These are some of the most painful decisions we’ve ever had to make… There is no good answer when we’re having to choose between the employees, what’s good for the business, and what’s right. We have to be responsible to the banks and to the vendors too. It’s a fine line we’re walking with a lot of constant listening and trying to make the right decision, communicate, and be as transparent as we can be.

To WATCH THE WHOLE CANDID INTEVIEW you'll need to register with   Sounds True - Its easy and worth it.

Eileen Fisher laughs

waste no more

Visit an installation of recycled product in Milan in this Interview with Sigi Ahl -Milan - Design Week 2018

Plie of while clothes for recycle No more waste promotion - naturel fibre

circular design

“A lot of people don't know that the fashion industry is one of the worst polluters in the world,” says Eileen Fisher. In a video filmed at the 2018 Aspen Ideas Festival, in June, Fisher explains how the fashion industry employs one in six people worldwide. “There's a huge opportunity to actually clean up the industry and clean up the planet because so much work is done there,” she adds.

Fisher goes on to describe how her philosophy of clothing design, which she describes as “simple” and “circular,” lends itself to sustainability.

Eileen Fisher, Vision 2 sustainable design poster

hiding vanity

"Eileen Fisher is a name that conjures peace. The kind you get from living somewhere with an abundance of trees, and from wearing elegant, nonrestrictive fabrics. A few years ago, Janet Malcolm described Eileen Fisher’s devotees, who have been flocking to her basic, flowing clothes since 1984, as “the cult of the interestingly plain.” I call it sartorially unburdened" Click below to the entire Vogue article.

Eileen Fisher, Vogue article cover

Eileen Fisher Apparel Essentials 

Eileen Fisher Crepe Pants


The System tapered pant--a timeless classic made for every day. Fluid and versatile in a lightweight version of our Washable Stretch Crepe.

Bottega di Brunella

Positano Factory

In 2018 I visited Positano, Italy and experienced first hand Brunella's Shop (Bottega Di Brunella) I love linen and this place is next level, absolutely beautiful garments for everyday living. 

From the very fibres of the textiles to the artfully finished pieces, production is carried out completely in-house. With carefully made linen, gauze, and cotton, the fresh and light style of Positano beach fashion comes to life by the hands of skilled technicians and designers. 

A family managed business open since 1965, la Bottega Di Brunella ensures the quality of a heartfelt and family-instilled passion for the art and creation of their line. Each piece comes with a quality guarantee that is exemplified in the incredible appearance and texture of the fabric meant to last for years to come. The picture takes you to a short video of the family craft.

Three women working at Bottega Di Brunella Positano linen factory

the website

Check out the collections and find out more about the AMALFI Coast where the factory is in Positano

Bottega Di Brunella logo


La Bottega di Brunella use the traditional artisanal methods of Italian manufacturing of flax. From the weaving of fibres into yarn, to the final product, this label honours the heritage of Italian linen manufacturing, making garments that can be worn for decades. The picture link will take you to a video of the linen making process in Europe today.

 woman wears Bottega Di Brunella Italian linen, Linen pants, linen shirt


Sanchaya Designs (linked through the pic below)  in Australia carry a good selection of the Bottega Di Brunella designs but you may have to dig on line to find more - its well worth it. Another stockist is BEACON Hill Estate or BISQUE Traders - again both  in Australia

Bottega Di Brunella linen wrap top and pants


what it is

Ayurveda is the ancient wisdom of life. (you SAY IT LIKE THIS) It's the sister science of yoga, that employs food, herbs, lifestyle habits and daily practices to create a definite path to a healthy, truly happy life. A knowledge that's been written in documents dating back to over 5000 years, is still very much alive today and practiced passionately by those who believe in complete wellness of the body and the mind. Below is an ARTICLE describing the fundamentals of Ayurveda

Ayurveda kit - morter and pestle with herbs

what's your Dosha

Ayurveda Dosh Varta Pitta Kapha icons chart


If you would like to take part in a unique program that brings together yoga and Ayurveda. From 7 Chakras to Spices as Medicines, from exercises to balance doshas to the right diet. This program covers whole new range of topics through a beautiful amalgamation of Ayurvedic concepts and Yogic ideas. 

the ayurvedic experience logo.jpg


Dr. Bhaswati Bhattacharya shares an in-depth understanding of this age old wisdom in a simple and informative YouTube discussion linked through the image. 

Ayurveda colourfull dried spices and Herbs in pots.jpg


It's not easy to find legit companies who sell 100% original product. 

THE AYURVEDAEXPERIENCE.COM is one of the few websites that provides you an original product without the use of any artificial chemical. Ayurveda Experience is a place where you not only get all the ayurvedic products but also educational courses that helps you to improve daily lifestyle and diet habits to make healthy from both inside and outside.

womand has ayurvedic beauty treatment

weight loss

Ayurveda focuses on the cause of weight gain or retention of excessive weight. 

Ayurveda does not tell you "okay - eat this, do that, and you’ll lose so many pounds in so many days". Instead, it helps you look inside, figure out which aspect of your psycho-physical functioning needs attention and then, through a logical 3-step process, helps you lose excessive weight and negativity that you may be carrying around. Discover the 21-day AYURVEDIC DETOX Plan for a new approach to weight loss. 

Ayurvedic weight loss recipe - glass and spoon

Energy Centres


HERE SADHGURU tells us about the 7 chakras, which are the major junction points of the nadis in the body. He also explores various mystical aspects of these seven fundamental chakras.

Understand more about the 6th Chakra, The Eye of Horus, the PINEAL GLAND and the Third Eye by clicking the image below or sign up for a FREE TRIAL at and  learn more about the body's energy system.

single eye poster - third ye

the bridge

The heart chakra holds a unique place in the chakra system as it governs as a bridge between the lower/physical chakras and the upper/spiritual chakras. It is the melding of the gross and the subtle here with love that we find the true union of the physical world and the spiritual world. An "on the go" Heart opening MEDITATION is attached through the image of the  EMERALD Healing  Stone below

large lit chrystal emerald.jpg

survival & expansion

The first three, or lower, chakras—the root, pelvic, and navel chakras—relate to your sense of stability, strength, and confidence. They are essentially the seat of our primal need to feel rooted, our creativity and sensuality, and our will power. JOE DISPENZA talks in depth about both survival and expansion in the video linked below

sytyalized woman outline with coloured spinning head

endocrine glands

The Chakra’s are linked with the glands responsible for creating the hormones.
Unsurprisingly, the positions of the Chakra’s, correspond to the positions of the glands in the ENDOCRINE system and have an effect on their functioning.

The link between the Chakra’s and the glands emphasises the holistic nature of health and demonstrates that you need to maintain a balance in your emotional and mental activities as well as your physical diet and exercise, as they are all deeply interrelated.

chakra and endocrine system

beyond mainstream

If you're looking for answers to life’s deeper questions  - you'll want to be part of It's a member-supported media network of truth seekers and believers empowering an evolution of consciousness. Explore over 8,000 ad-free, streaming titles that challenge modern paradigms and allow you to manifest the reality that defines your being. 

BE AWARE. Some of the topics covered by Gaia require you to think for yourself and decide what feels right to you before you take it further.

gaia media icon

back door to

Dr Joe Dispenza

Become a Member of GAIA Today - Start a FREE TRIAL, Pay monthly or yearly. Take it further - get LIVE ACCESS. There is so much here to  learn you will never regret this kind of value
As well as access to the Dr Joe Dispenza's work, as a Gaia Member, you’ll discover:
Yoga, meditation, fitness & other lifestyle practices. Gaia’s exclusive library of ORIGINAL SERIES, FILMS AND DOCUMENTARIES. Access to live events & workshops led by top thought leaders teaching ground-breaking research with Gregg Braden, Joe Dispenza, Caroline Myss, and more. You'll be a member of a global community of over 500,000 like-minded individuals

Rewired with Joe Dispenza on Gaia advert

viewing for enlightenment

Gaia offers the largest online resource of consciousness-expanding videos—over 8,000 informative and enlightening films, original shows, yoga and meditation classes, and more that you won’t find anywhere else.

Gaia provides uninterrupted, ad-free streaming. Forever.

spiritual netflix poster


Your spirit animal is the embodiment of your subconscious mind and therefore cannot be chosen. It must choose you. In most cases, your spirit animal will present itself during a time when your mind is relaxed and able to wander internally, such as during dreams or meditation. However, spirit animals may also reveal themselves in physical form, often displaying unusual behaviour or showing themselves several times in short succession. Click through the picture and read more about the symbolism of various animals or browse the library of fascinating articles

spirit animal calls you to gaia media - Owl poster

Global sustainability

climate change

Fossil Fuels may have fueled the Industrial revolution but it's it wasn't until the 1920's that we hit our natural resource use stride and then went on to set the Earth alight following the Neoliberal era of the 80's

We now face an economy grown dependent not only on Coal, Oil and Gas but on the on the many BI- PRODUCTS of burning Fossil fuels.

Linked below is the first of 5 VIDEOS on how carbon turns against us and causes global warming.

Carbon molecule icon

the current solution

The Earth Summit, designed to reconcile worldwide economic development with protection of the environment was convened by The United Nations in Rio de Janeiro on 13 June 1992.

178 governments voted to adopt a program called "AGENDA 21" a blueprint of 14 Sustainable Development Goals (SDG's).  

These actions are to be taken globally, Nationally and locally by organizations of the UN, governments, and major groups.  In 2020 this document has became AGENDA 2030.

Here is the UN TIMELINE 1992 to Now

This framework may, or may not be a conspiracy to dominate the world but it is "Globalization" This TED TALK discusses the impact of Free Trade and Globalisation on the nations of the world and the rules we all live by. The video through the picture is a simple outline on the nature of global trade​

Money pours from Global medicine bottle into huge teaspoon - people are opposed

who holds the strings

BIG OIL BP, Royal Dutch Shell, Chevron, ExxonMobil...

BIG TECH/BIG MEDIA: Facebook, Alphabet, Microsoft, Apple, Amazon MGM, Comcast, Disney, Fox... 

GLOBALIZATION: United Nations, World Bank, UNCTAD, WEF, WTO, IMF... 

BIG PHARMA: Sanofi, Pfizer, Johnson & Johnson...

All these organisations are in some way reliant on each other to survive and  therefore have a vested interest in ensuring that the framework of society remains as is. Government/Corporation "directing" Citizen/consumer.

Have a read about how the United Nations have become affiliated to the Multinational corporations or read the Longer Article linked through the pic which discusses how the MNC's are involved in meeting the Agenda 2030 Social Development Goals. 

big-brands icon poster - includes facebook, apple, twitter, cocacola, starbucks, amazon, MacDonalds

How we got here

In the 1980's Margaret Thatcher (UK) and Ronald Reagan (US) achieved MANY THINGS  not least the proliferation of what we know as NEOLIBERALISM (Economic liberalisation, including privatisation, deregulation, globalisation, free trade, austerity and reductions in government spending in order to increase the role of the private sector in the economy (and society)

Whatever your views on the politics of the 80's these changes marked the beginning of  of disaster for the environment. 

The article linked through the picture is a short and to the point outline of how policy contributed to the mess we are in.

Ronald Regan and Margaret Thatcher.jpg

who is to blame

The population of today has been born into the world of mechanized industry, weather at the top or the bottom of the carbon food chain, we are all Consumers of what is produced by the burning of the planets fossil fuels and the proliferation of carbon into the atmosphere. Who is to Blame? the CITIZEN /CONSUSMER who has little choice but to partake of what is available to live or improve a life while diligently recycling to reduce harm... or the Petrochemical Companies, the Multinational Corporations and the plastic producers who have become rich on the  back of generating Co2.  Watch the video linked through the picture to understand the birth of the oil industry, manipulation and monopoly. 

Corporate gluttony - man with enormousmouth forks bundles of cash in

Greenwash or real change

Big Business wants you to believe they have gone "Green" that they are adopting processes to combat harm to the environment - but are we being hood winked? This video briefly explains the GREENWASHING PROCESS.

The multinationals prefer a CARBON TAX

and the Airlines advocate CARBON OFFSETS

Find out more here about SYSTEMIC AND INDIVIDUAL change.  You can CHECK YOUR ECO LABEL here

Do we really have to  retain the old paradigm where the rich get richer and the poor pay for it until we have consumed our way to global governance - given away our National (and personal) sovereignty and become forever enslaved.

Alternatives are not thick on the ground - GREEN NEW DEAL is perhaps the beginning of one. 

Green new Deal - old fossil fuel model under new green model.jpg

Healing with a meat diet

Why just meat

Dr Kiltz will help you understand more about the benefits of an all-meat diet but here are the top 5 reasons eat the way our ancestors did.

  1. Simplicity: The carnivore diet is relatively straightforward as it involves only a few food groups, making meal planning and preparation easier for some individuals.

  2. Weight Loss: Many people report weight loss on a carnivore diet, possibly due to reduced calorie intake and increased satiety from protein-rich foods.

  3. Improved Mental Clarity: Advocates suggest that the diet can lead to improved mental focus and reduced brain fog, although scientific evidence supporting this claim is limited.

  4. Digestive Relief: For those with certain digestive issues, such as irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) or inflammatory bowel disease (IBD), an all-meat diet may alleviate symptoms as it eliminates many plant-based foods that can trigger digestive problems.

  5. Satiety: The high protein content of a carnivore diet can help promote feelings of fullness, potentially reducing snacking and overeating.

Carnivore meats on platter

What you 'll need

On a carnivore diet you'll need a full stock of meats but bone broth and electrolytes are often recommended or consumed for specific reasons related to potential nutritional gaps and physiological needs. Here's why bone broth and electrolytes are commonly included in this dietary approach:

Bone Broth:

  • Collagen and Gelatin: Bone broth is rich in collagen and gelatin, which are proteins that can support joint health, skin health, and connective tissue repair.

  • Minerals: Bone broth contains essential minerals like calcium, magnesium, and phosphorus, which can help maintain bone health and overall mineral balance.

  • Gut Health: Some people find that bone broth is easy on the digestive system and may help alleviate digestive discomfort, as it is low in potential irritants like fiber.

  • Hydration: Bone broth provides hydration, which is especially important if you are consuming a diet with limited water-rich foods (fruits and vegetables).

  • Flavor and Variety: It can add flavor and variety to a carnivore diet, making it more enjoyable and sustainable for some individuals.


  • Sodium: A carnivore diet can be low in sodium, as it eliminates many processed foods that are typically high in salt. Adequate sodium intake is important for maintaining fluid balance, nerve function, and muscle contractions.

  • Potassium: With the exclusion of plant foods, which are often rich in potassium, maintaining adequate potassium levels becomes a concern. Potassium is essential for muscle and nerve function and maintaining proper heart rhythm.

  • Magnesium: Magnesium is another electrolyte that can be in short supply on a carnivore diet. It's necessary for muscle and nerve function, bone health, and energy production.

Balanced Electrolyte Levels: Proper electrolyte balance is essential for various physiological functions, including maintaining blood pressure, supporting muscle function, and ensuring proper hydration. The food list and meal plan linked below is a great resource.

Carnivore diet food list__edited.jpg

5 years - nothing but meat

Mikhaila Peterson (Jordan Peterson's Daughter) has eaten only meat for 5 years. Her "Lion Diet." approach is a variation of the carnivore diet, which primarily consists of animal products, particularly meat, and excludes most plant-based foods. The name "Lion Diet" is a reference to her belief in the evolutionary adaptation of humans as apex predators, similar to lions in the animal kingdom.

Key elements of Mikhaila Peterson's Lion Diet include:

  1. Animal Products: The Lion Diet primarily involves consuming meat from various sources, including beef, lamb, pork, chicken, and fish. Organ meats like liver and heart are often emphasized for their nutrient density.

  2. Exclusion of Plant-Based Foods: The Lion Diet eliminates most plant-based foods, including grains, legumes, fruits, vegetables, nuts, and seeds. This strict exclusion is a hallmark of the carnivore diet.

  3. Dairy and Eggs: Some variations of the Lion Diet may include dairy products like butter and cheese, as well as eggs, which are animal-derived but not meat.

  4. Low-Carb and Zero-Fiber: Since the diet eliminates plant foods, it is extremely low in carbohydrates and lacks dietary fiber. This can lead to a very low-fiber intake, which may have implications for digestive health.

Mikhaila Peterson claims to have experienced significant health improvements through her adoption of the Lion Diet. She has shared anecdotes and testimonials about how this dietary approach has helped her manage autoimmune conditions and improve her overall well-being. 

Lion Diet - Black and white lions head logo.

Nose to toe

The idea behind the "head to toe" approach is to maximize nutrient intake and reduce food waste by utilizing as much of the animal as possible. Different cultures and traditional diets around the world have a long history of using various parts of animals in their culinary practices.

Cuts of meat marked on Cow
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