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End of open book with two pages rolled together to form a heart

“The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you’ll go.”

– Dr. Seuss

Twelve of the Best

I’m not sure how many of you are big readers (or listeners, like me)

I love to listen to audible books, mainly because aside from being on holiday I really only read at night and it seems to put me straight to sleep!

I was perusing my audible and kindle books the other day and comparing what I have in hard copy compared to what I have digitally, and I realised there were quite a few that I have in both, or three forms.

These are the ones I like to go back to over and over again. The hard copies are dog eared, the text circled and highlighted to within an inch of the pages life – the kindle copies are the same - in a less destructive way. The Audio books are like old friends, they comfort me somehow. I can sit, walk, drive and listen for hours.

So, I made a list and have shared a little about each one. I have found that with reading (as with most things) it’s a matter of being ready. Books I once dismissed I often run across again in a shop or library, advertised or gifted and this time they are seen with new eyes.

If you have heard of these titles and not pursued them in the past – take this as the return – you may well be ready now for whatever life changing words lie within!

There are actually quite a few more than I had thought that have had a big impact on my life, some from years ago. For now, I’ve decided on 12 (and listed them in no particular order) which turns out is a nice round number - but only by chance - so I am going with these at this point. I may put together another list and share it with you in months to come.

This really is a collection of inspiration. I hope you dig out some of these titles or that the universe puts them in front of you in unusual ways. Each of them has the power to evolve your mind and untether your Spirit. Mjoy!

The Artists way companion books

I have had this 12-week programme since the 90’s, some of the exercises are still part of my practice. The morning pages are integral to my spiritual practice. It will help you find creative confidence and more constant “Zone” time. The Morning pages are a Journal and so not available in digital versions

Cover of the book - The Road less travelled

Psychiatrist Scott Peck in 1978 dared to talk about previously unspoken issues like facing problems head on, accepting responsibility and about the nature of love

Cover of the book The Celestine Prophecy

A 90’s classic. It’s an adventure story that takes you on an amazing journey through Peru but it’s a practical guide to self-realization through the understanding of Nine sequentially discovered insights… It’s an easy, enjoyable read and I get more out of them every time

cover of the book Ask and it is given

A modern guide to manifestation – this book gives step by step processes so you can improve what you bring into your life. What I enjoyed was that you can pick and choose what works for you

Cover of the book Creative visualisation

Now considered a classic. First published in 1978 Shakti has a gentle way of sharing her understanding of all she learned traveling through Asia and India during the two years prior to publication

Cover of the book Jonathan Livingston Seagull

Uplifting and inspirational – Jonathan is a seagull who makes his own rules, who thrives on doing what he loves and will not be dissuaded from his own path

Cover of the book The game of life and how to play it

In 1925 Florence wrote about the “treatments’ she had been giving to her clients to help them get out of bad situations or to achieve what they hoped for. Her philosophy was simply a positive attitude. There are many affirmations in old language which will resonate despite the passing years

The cover of the book Think and grow rich

Published in 1937 after interviewing hundreds of wealthy men and women, his firm belief was that “what a man can conceive and believe, he can achieve" In the genre of motivation this book has inspired millions (of people and currency)

The cover of the book A return to love

Whatever your background, religious or not, this is a handbook explaining the intrinsic value of extending love: to yourself and to all those around you. The references to God should not be tainted by historical meaning. Marianne is a messenger, spreading the healing power of love. No church or temple, no tithing, no guru, or exalted leader in this philosophy.

The cover of the book The Alchemist

An inspiring, easy to read and short story following the travels of a shepherd, Santiago. It's about following your dreams, being open to intuition and taking the path of your heart.

The cover of the book The seat of the soul

Using his scientist’s eye and philosopher’s heart, Gary Zukav talks to us

about the evolution of a new species. The book provides a vocabulary for this new species - a vocabulary of authentic power, the alignment of the personality with the soul. His dream is of a world where people respect each other and the living Earth, and where spiritual growth is the first priority.

The cover of the book A New Earth

I read A New Earth in about 2012 - I had never heard of Eckhart Tolle before although this book was first published in 2005. Most of the book resonated deeply with everything I knew to be true – some ideas were new to me, but I was ready to hear it and over the course of two weeks I must have read it three times. I look at it often and still see passages for the first time ….

The cover of the book The power of Now

Written in 2007, I discovered it shortly after reading A new Earth. It was the chapter by chapter interview series Oprah and Eckhart did which caught my attention. I enjoyed the delivery so much I had to have a copy to work through with them.


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